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Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends,

I am pleased that you chose to visit our web site. It gives me an opportunity to tell you about how our mission takes shape each and every day.

Our transitional housing program challenges families to mainstream through home ownership. Since 1997, fifty-eight families have purchased a home. None of them fell victim to mortgage foreclosure. This is indeed a testament to the hard-work and endurance of the families that have completed the program. Our outreach services help the most disenfranchised to access services that enable them to live dignified lives.

Inn Dwelling's comprehensive youth program, our signature program and our focus, offers bright, financially challenged youth an opportunity to access a quality education by obtaining scholarships to competitive high schools and then to college. These students have done an outstanding job in overcoming obstacles that could have prevented them from succeeding. Illustrative is Bidley. Bidley arrived after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Having lost his parents, Bidley was brought to the United States by an aunt who wanted Bidley to have opportunity. He will graduate from St. Joseph’s Preparatory School in May and is doing quite well. The fact is that all of our high school children have been accepted to college preparatory schools, public and private, and all of our college students have been accepted to universities and colleges with substantial financial packages. Our video illustrates the accomplishments of our students despite all odds.

None of these successes occur because of the existence of a nonprofit agency without more. Rather, our success is the result of a cooperative effort between businesses, entrepreneurs, foundations, generous individuals, schools that offer substantial scholarships to our students, the Board of Directors, and staff at Inn Dwelling. Together, we make a way for those who have no hope of realizing self-sufficiency.

It is our hope that you will join in our effort to empower families to make their own way on a journey fraught with impediments. Inn Dwelling is all about sustainable progress. There are “no free lunches” for those who have insufficient capital to make a way for themselves. There is only support. Your investment will allow for the demonstrable change in people that unfolds each and every day before our very eyes. I would like to hear from you. We need your support. The return on your investment is worth more than you or I can calculate.

Thank you and God bless you!

Brother Al

Founder & Director of Operations

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