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Inn Dwelling’s success is measured by the success of our students. Meet program participants and find out how granting access and opportunity creates a brighter future for all. Check back monthly for new student stories from this academic year!

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Senior Spotlight on Dawan

Senior Spotlight on Dawan

Dawan joined Inn Dwelling in his sophomore year while attending St. Joseph's Preparatory School. As a new program participant, he came into our program with a lot of potential that simply was not being unlocked; in fact, when he first started meeting with tutors in our Comprehensive Youth Initiative, Dawan was holding steady at a 2.4 GPA. In the time since, Dawan has seen his grades improve dramatically--jumping to a 3.1 GPA, received Latin achievements, and challenged himself through both Honors and Advanced Placement classes.

Today Dawan is looking forward to college, where he plans to major in Architecture, having seen the field firsthand through a summer program he attended sponsored by Inn Dwelling. He has applied to Jefferson University, Temple University, Virginia Tech, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. While he would be excited to receive acceptance letters for any of those schools, he's got his fingers crossed for Marywood University. 

Dawan says: "Inn Dwelling made me realize my full potential and capabilities. It motivated me, challenged me, guided me, and taught me how to succeed. In just two short years, Inn Dwelling has opened my eyes to who and what I can be, and I am ready for the bright future that lies ahead."

**At the time this feature was being finalized, Dawan received his official acceptance letter to Marywood with a $36,000 yearly scholarship covering 102% of his tuition and fees.**

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