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Summer Series: Sarah

Summer Series: Sarah

Sarah's reflection on her experience with the Telluride Association Summer Program:

"My Telluride Association Summer Program experience was unlike any part of my life. I have been having trouble finding and being proud of my identity; I was at a point where I did not know who I was. The factota, PAs, and TASPers gave me the opportunity to start anew. From the very start of the Program, I learned how to be honest with myself and others. I participated in productive conversations when solving conflicts, analyzing the root of actions and emotions. A factotum described this as a marriage between 25 people, in sense that we were forced to participate in these conversations. Since there were no grades in my seminar, I learned and pushed myself purely for the sake of knowledge. In promising to stop selling myself short of success, I will be applying to Cornell University and the Telluride House. At TASP, I became a person."

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